Do you remember the joy of making something with your hands?

Do you want your kids to make their own clothes, feel empowered and wear things that will last a long time and grow with them?

I’m Maija, founder of Almaborealis. 

My work is inspired by my Finnish grandmother, by Maria Montessori (who believed that we should help children learn to help themselves) and by my vision for sustainable, fun and creative kidswear. While studying textiles I realized that I really didn’t want to be part of our throw-away culture and create more stuff that will end up on the landfill. 

So here is what I came up with: 

Convertibles – Future KIDSWEAR; kits for children to make their own clothes. The sense of achievement and confidence gained through making something practical that you can actually wear, is HUGE!  

Convertibles kit – is a box full of beautifully knitted Scottish lambswool; tactile; squidgy and boingy that grows with your kids. At the end of the garment’s life cycle you can even give your cherished garment a new lease of life by turning it into a soft toy or a cushion, capturing forever a chapter of your childhood.

If you made it, you’ll want to keep it, care for it and adventure with it – for lots of years. You grow, but so can your clothing. Knitwear naturally stretches widthways, and as children grow taller they can make Convertibles grow by sewing on more panels. And more and more as they get bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Learning skills whilst reducing textile waste!

My Crowdfunder is now open and I would really appreciate your support – you can pledge, receive one of my easy to use kits and help me make my dream of sustainable and empowering kids wear come true.