Almaborealis Knitwear Design 


Almaborealis is the creation of Maija Nygren, a Finnish knitwear designer, passionate environmentalist and a mother. Maija grew up in Finland surrounded by knitting, and her grandparents inherent ability to re-use material goods. Making is part of Maija’s DNA, but in today’s environmental challenges, she could only create new products into this world, if they carried substantial meaning, had a purpose beyond being a disposable commodity.

Maija trained at Galashiels School of Textiles and I realised that she didn’t want to be part of our throw-away culture and create more stuff that will end up on the landfill. 

Maija specialises in designing for kids, although many of her creations are equally enjoyed by an adult audience. Inspired by her previous career in children’s theatre design, classic toy designers and early childhood educational theorists, Maija designed a ‘future proof’ clothing concept that protects from elements, passes on traditional craft skills, and endures through growth spurts of children.